Make a perfect flyer

What is a flyer?

A flyer is a form of advertisement in paper form, distributed among the people or posted on the walls of public places or through the mail. It is also called leaflets, circular or handbill. Flyers are used by individuals, business or organizations for the promotion of their goods and services, to persuade the public by the political parties, to send social, religious, and political message to the general public and are used to recruit the members. Flyers are also used for the advertisement of any festival or concert.

Uses of A6 flyers:

There are different formats of flyers and these are A6 flyers, A4 flyers, A5 flyers, and DL. A6 flyer includes unfolded single sheet, folded single sheet, booklets that include multiple sheets, carbonless docket books. These are used for greeting and Christmas cards, postcards and door hangers. These are also used for takeaway menu, mail shots and POS positioning.

Other flyers’ size:

The A4 is roughly letterhead size, A5 is roughly the half letterhead size, DL is compliment slip size and A6 is postcard size. The flyers are inexpensive to produce that is why, it is widely used by the individuals and organizations. The flyers are handed out on the streets, or posted on the walls, or given away at the events.

Weight of flyers:

Some people like to use silk flyers and some like gloss flyers. The weight of the flyer can also be differ according to the requirement of the customer. Usually for A6 flyers, 135gsm, 170gsm and 300gsm weights are used.

 A perfect flyer:

The flyer is a perfect way to promote the product and service used by the organizations. But the flyers must be attractive and should grab the attention of the holder. It is difficult to convince the people to read flyer because usually people take it and throw away. So, the headline of the flyer must attract the holder. The design and printing of the flyers must also be good.